The Pinecone Project


With strategic insight, inspired creative, and flawless execution, the Pinecone Project tells your story and brings your brand message to life.


 Experiential Strategy

We build comprehensive experiential strategies, allowing our partners to connect with audiences in unique, memorable ways. Our process involves full immersion in your history, goals, and culture, resulting in a fully customized brand experience.


Creative Design & Branding

Our in-house team of creative professionals ranges from graphic and spatial designers to creative strategists and concept managers. They work alongside your team to envision and deliver custom creative and design solutions.

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Production Logistics

Different from other agencies, we have a team of in-house production experts who function as a part of the core team. Their experience, ability to anticipate needs and their unique perspective is one of our agency’s greatest strengths. From inception to execution, they handle all logistical details to ensure flawless production.


Space Transformation

Our team of experienced spatial designers collaborates to create fresh, dynamic environments. Whether a corporate stage set, or the setting of a consumer activation, PCP transforms each space to provide the right platform for your message


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Communications & Content Strategy

Our in-house communications specialists offer years of expertise in marketing, writing and brand strategy. From script and speech writing, to video production and message management, we provide superior communications solutions in all phases of experiential campaigns.


Audience Engagement

We tell your story in exciting ways to motivate your audience, change perception and inspire action. Whatever the message, we help you connect with audiences in ways you’ve never imagined.

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